Resilience and Happiness

Long before the advent of the positive movement in psychology, researchers were interested in what makes people happy. The concept of health is more than the mere absence of illness: it contains mental and social well-being. Debates around the importance of genetic disposition, material possessions, social relationships, family support have surrounded the concept of happiness. More recently concepts such as well-being, resilience, engagement and flow have been added to the mix. We could ask, why the flurry of interest in happiness? Classic philosophers like Nietzsche, Kant and Schopenhauer were preoccupied with the meaning of life, the angst that went with the human struggle to exist, and today we are all looking for an illusive perpetual state of happiness.

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Positive Thinking and Confidence

If you are a positive person and you have a lot of confidence and you make a mistake, then you can say to yourself `OK, you have made a mistake, get up and try again. If you make another one you can always eventually get it right, even if you have to ask for help.’ But I think if you are very non-confident person, then you think `Oh, I have made a mistake. I can’t do it!’ And that’s one of the main things I have heard from friends, that `I can’t do it’. But you always have to try!

Since the turn of the twenty-first century, key figures in the field of psychology such as Martin Seligman and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (2000) have called on us to explore human capacity rather than focusing on failings or inadequacies. 

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Batasan Usia Remaja

Batasan Usia Remaja

Setelah beberapa artikel yang saya muat tentang Definisi Remaja, Karakteristik dan Tugas Perkembangannya, penjelasan mengenai batasan usia remaja belum saya kupas secara detail. Nah pada kali ini saya akan memaparkan tentang Batasan Usia Remaja.

Artikel ini juga merupakan permintaan dari beberapa member dari FanPage yang beberapa waktu lalu minta untuk dipaparkan tentang batasan usia remaja. Langsung saja,

Batasan Usia Remaja Menurut Kartono (1990), dibagi tiga yaitu :

1. Remaja Awal (12-15 Tahun)

Pada masa ini, remaja mengalami perubahan jasmani yang sangat pesat dan perkembangan intelektual yang sangat intensif sehingga minat anak pada dunia luar sangat besar dan pada saat ini remaja tidak mau dianggap kanak-kanak lagi namun sebelum bisa meninggalkan pola kekanak-kanakannya. Selain itu pada masa ini remaja sering merasa sunyi, ragu-ragu, tidak stabil, tidak puas dan merasa kecewa.

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