The key to using your true potential and mastering personal and interpersonal  skills  lies  in  obtaining  left  and  right  brain  congruency.  Your  left  brain  is  the logical,  analytical,  verbal,  sequential,  statistical  hemisphere  whereas  your  right brain is the creative, artistic, imaginative, spacial, holistic, rhythmic, colour  and dimension orientated hemisphere.

That is a pretty long winded description.  In simple terms the left hemisphere is dominant in controlling willpower and  discipline whilst the right hemisphere is dominant in controlling imagination  and emotion. If you are a product of the westernised education system, there  is  a  good  chance  that  you  are  predominantly  left  brain  orientated  and  have been largely unaware of the tremendous right brain power that you possess.

It is analogous to having two powerful outboard motors on a motorboat and only  using  one  of  them.  Yet,  where  your  brain  is  concerned,  it  results  in  far less  than  a  50  per  cent  utilisation  of  the  power  available.  The  engines  are designed  to  work  in  tandem  and  are  complementary  to  each  other.  Exactly the same applies with your left and right brain hemispheres. Most goal setting exercises of any value will encourage you to write out affirmation cards and repeat the goal statements to yourself on an ongoing basis. This is left brain activity.

You  will  certainly  attain  far  more  success  in  your  life  by  repeating affirmations than you would without them. However, it is like using just the one  outboard  motor.  If  you  are  repeating  positive  statements  to  yourself  on an ongoing basis but simultaneously, your right brain is conjuring up pictures that contradict those affirmations, you have a recipe for frustration. You will go much further by combining left and right brain activity and following the autogenic conditioning process outlined in this book which ensures left and right  brain  congruency.  Other  means  of  obtaining  left  and  right  brain  cooperation  are  the  regular  use  of  mind  maps  and  goals  posters.

Hariyanto, S.Pd

By Hariyanto, S.Pd

Saya seorang guru di salah satu kota di Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta. Saya lulusan dari Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta Jurusan Bimbingan Konseling

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